Pickup and Delivery

Sign up: Get added to our weekly pickup & delivery by creating an account or downloading the app. Or call us at 502-425-6183.

Schedule Pickup: Input the required credentials and add your credit card to select the next available pickup and delivery date. If you have a pickup regularly, you can choose “Repeat Pickup” and decide what schedule works best for you from every week to every four weeks. For regularly scheduled pickups, we can text the day before your pickup to confirm you have items to pick up.

Pickup: For your first pickup, place your items in a bag at the location noted when signing up. When our driver is on their way, you will receive a notification just in case you still need to place the order out for us.

Delivery: We will deliver your completed order at the exact location, and there will be a laundry bag for you to use on future orders and a door hook if you need it. All our services are available through pick up and delivery, including wash and fold service.  Let us take care of all your laundry and dry cleaning needs and save you more time for the things you want to do.

                                                                        Feel free to call anytime at 502-425-6183